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Production (2012-12-30)
Production played in and around Hudson Valley and Albany. They played most notably at the club "Generation" located in Pleasant Valley.

Picture 1 - l-r Jeff Mitchell (trumpet, percussion, vocals) Scott Castle (sax), Rich DeCola, (trumpet and percussion) Steve Colmenaro,(bass) Steve Petro ...more

The Womblers (2012-10-31)
Picture 1 - L to R Jim Herbst, David Skoglund, Dale Lewis, Dick Bush, Billy Plass
Picture 2 - (in front of cocktails sign)L to R Dick Bush, Jim Herbst, Dale Lewis, Billy Plass, David Skoglund, Richie Woods
Picture 3 - L to R - Dav ...more

Hombre (2012-08-25)
Hombre - L to R - Kevin Dwyer, Jeff Loeber, Steve DiGiovanni, Ted VanWagner. This photo taken at what used to be the Holy Cross School in Rhinecliff. ...more

The Termites (2012-07-03)
The Termites - Bruce Morrison , Claude and Pierre Le Henaff ...more

The Bonnevilles (2012-06-29)
The Bonnivlles -circa 1965 (from left to right) Mark Defabio,Bobby Diorio and Steve Geraci. A three peice rock & roll band that was formed in Marlboro Elementary School. They actually played live quite often: VFW halls, School dances,and the Orange ...more

Welcome To Old Hudson Valley Bands.

Featured Old Hudson Valley Band

It was 1972 at the Bachelor in Poughkeepsie and the original Harvest was onstage. From left to right are: Eddie Monteleone, guitar; John McCormick, bass; Guy Masson on drums; Dennis Blandino, guitar; and John Lockwood, guitar. Prior to this version of Harvest, Guy Masson played with the Teddy Boys and Mortimer. The two remaining "original old geezers" in the current Harvest (a quote from Dennis) are him and John McCormick. Keyboardist Steve Wanzer joined the current line-up in 1973 and drummer Paul Gilroy in 1974 (both were from the Mark 4 band). This line-up has been working for the past 36 years. If you go to their website at you will see a tribute to the late Eddie Monteleone and hear three of the last recordings Harvest did with him. Click here to listen to Harvest, You're The Only Light On My Horizon Now

Recent Entries

Martha Valez Band (2015-05-01)
the fantastic Martha Valez Band? This band played The Chance, Rosendale, Kingston and new Paltz back in the early 70's. ...more

World On Fire (0000-00-00)
Vocals, Dave Reuter Drums & Vocals, and Chris Gramazio Bass
Actually the second photo has two different members. Mike Mcfarlin on bass and Joe Cutrera on lead vocals. ...more

Wasted Angel (0000-00-00)
l had more band members since it's inception than Spinal Tap. To pay proper tribute to all the band's alumni, the following is a list of Wasted Angel band members over the years. Dave Torres: guitar - mid '81 - mid '95 Sam Torres: ...more

Aryon (2015-02-01)

The Agency (0000-00-00)
drums vocals, Steve Spy keyboards vocals, Paul Casciaro guitar lead vocals, Frank Casciaro Jr bass vocals, Terry Cole guitar vocals 1991 L-R Frank Casciaro Jr bass vocals, Paul Casciaro guitar lead vocals, Ron Thomas drums vocals, Ken McGloin guitar, Steve Spy keyboards vocals The Agency hailed from the Woodstock, Kingston era but spent most of the time on the road touring New York, New England and New Jersey before disbanding in 1992. Paul Casciaro and Steve Spy went on to play and ...more

Manikenz (2014-08-20)
race, Frank Boice, John Albamonte, Ken Moone, John "Gus" Loughlin ...more

The Dates (2014-07-31)
of a run in the area. They were based out of Katonah, NY and had quite a following in the area for quite a while. Member Steve Rossi was previously with Ritchie Scarlet. They played all the old venues.

The Phaetons IV (2014-03-11)
ASSANTE, yes the famous actor from Cornwall, Greg Wickline, Larry Winkler. Circa 1966/67? ...more

Patroon Hill (2014-01-04)
75. Original members: Alex Stier, Burt Bodie, Pete Schiffer, Mike Stabile & Barry Lown ...more

Shotgun (2013-11-30)
se band at Rhoda Arms in Newburgh , NY for 2 years.. Featured lead singer [RIP] Joe "Phog" Cardillo, lead guitar Art Ebert, drums Joe Scalfari, and bass Scott Brown..early 1970's.. ...more

Sierra (2013-11-19)
om the Hyde Park area. Mostly top 40.

Band members : Tim Jessup on bass and guitars,Dave Duffield on drums and Jeff Jessup on keyboards

They played weddings and clubs in the ar ...more

The Stingrays (2013-11-18)
burgh were a group consisting of Ronnie Moskowitz, Tommy Kinsler, Autavis Graham, Tony Davilio, and Bruce Shapiro. They were signed to Columbia Records in 1969 and released their 45 rpm single "Fool" They toured throughout the East Coast and appeared on many regional TV shows. Tony went on to bec ...more

The Watson Stillman Band (2013-08-05)
Band from Middletown NY. 1976-78.

Left to Right

( Ox Watson-Craig Romano ) Jessie Kelsa ( Tom Tom Watson-Tom Kain ) and ( Slim Stillman- Stu Newman )

Anyone remember Maggie's Pub? ...more

Schaker (2013-07-28)
ker was a Original Rock/Metal band that formed early 80's till 1984. Schaker was John Bartelucci on Bass, Brendan Capucci on Guitar, Paul Hendricks on Vocals, Pete Scuderi on Lead Guitar and Rob Dileece on drums. Prior drummers were Ray Alex ...more

The Lost Soles (2013-07-10)
br>Taken at "What's It To Ya" in Poughkeepsie. Front row left to right: Jimi Barton and Bruce Garrett. Back Row left to right: Chris McComb, Craig Fischer and Bill Cavanaugh. (1965-1967) ...more

The Squires (2013-07-10)
right: Chris McComb, Bruce Garrett (drums), Bill Cavanaugh and Craig Fischer. (1963-1964) ...more

The Royals (2013-04-05)
-up of this photo: 1965 L/R Jim Roundtree, Joe Cardillo, Mike Roscino, Bill Doderer, Tom Hiten. ...more

Gary Splain and the Rockets (2013-02-21)
Rockets were based in Rhinebeck, and performed blues, rockabilly, and originals around 1970-1972. They did roots before roots ...more

Take Five (2013-02-03)
6 and were based out of Newburgh, N.Y. Recorded jingles for radio stations WBNR & WSUL as well as appearing on the Doo-Wop Shop with Don K. Reed on WCBS 101.1fm. Performed regularly at The Holiday Inn and Shannon Pub in Newburgh and The Class of 57 in Middletown. Also appeared with national acts such as Davy Jones, Lou Christie, Larry Chance and the Earls, The Elegants, The Mello-kings and many others.

Members in this photo are left to right:
Pat Morrison - Rhythm Guitar
Br ...more

Broqun Masque (2013-02-03)
formed Middletown, NY 1985-1993
opened for Zebra, Robin Trower,Joe Lynn Turner, and Martin Briley
radio interviews on WPDH, WKOJ
local favorites!
Released self titled EP in 1993< ...more

The Mix (2013-01-28)
Starr, Seamus O'Shea, Jim Brady, Bob O'Gorman, John Brennan.
From Orange County Played Local Hudson Valley Clubs. ...more

The Pastense (2013-01-05)
rmed in 1965 in Troy, NY and played in and around the Capital District and Lake George until 1967. Highlights include playing with the Myddle Class at Kapp's in the Hollow in Rensselaer, NY and opening for the Young Rascals (later The Rascals) ...more

Mrs. Luna's Crispy Cornflake Band (2013-01-13)
nflake Band
Joseph Mansfield, Robert Tierny, Kenneth Spadaro, Ronald Hoskinson ...more

Cousin Vito (2012-12-30)
some members of Production and played at Edgewood in Amenia and a former dude ranch in Hillsdale.

Picture 1 - Background - Stan Joy (drums) Jeff Mitchell (trumpet and percussion) John Gu ...more

Production (2012-12-30)
and around Hudson Valley and Albany. They played most notably at the club "Generation" located in Pleasant Valley.

Picture 1 - l-r Jeff Mitchell (trumpet, percussion, vocals) Scott Castle (sax), Rich DeCola, (trumpet and percussion) Steve Colmenaro,(bass) Steve Petrone, (vocals, percuss ...more

The Hulahoops (0000-00-00)
o taken at a Car show in Poughkeepsie in 1979 ...more

Tha Past Tells (2012-12-24)
lls Oldies Band was re-formed in 1982 by Middletown brothers Pat Smith (keyboards) and Vince Smith (lead guitar). They recruited Dennis D'Pasqualle, a Las Vegas drummer, Ken Shaw (bass guitar) and Jack Dodd (lead vocals). The band worked "Class of 57" regularly as well as many other venues throughout the Hudson Valley on into the late 1990s. T ...more here for video or photo gallery

The Womblers (2012-10-31)
Jim Herbst, David Skoglund, Dale Lewis, Dick Bush, Billy Plass
Picture 2 - (in front of cocktails sign)L to R Dick Bush, Jim Herbst, Dale Lewis, Billy Plass, David Skoglund, Richie Woods
Picture 3 - L to R - David Skoglund, Billy P ...more

Hombre (2012-08-25)
vin Dwyer, Jeff Loeber, Steve DiGiovanni, Ted VanWagner. This photo taken at what used to be the Holy Cross School in Rhinecliff. ...more

Friday (2012-07-29)
Bruce Fisher Vocals
Derek Rabbitts Vocals
Richie Hollie Guitar vocals
??? Bass/Vocals ...more

The Termites (2012-07-03)
Morrison , Claude and Pierre Le Henaff ...more

The Bonnevilles (2012-06-29)
ca 1965 (from left to right) Mark Defabio,Bobby Diorio and Steve Geraci. A three peice rock & roll band that was formed in Marlboro Elementary School. They actually played live quite often: VFW halls, School dances,and the Orange and Ulster county f ...more

Hot Stuff (2012-06-23)
s (newburgh n.y) circa 1975 in the pic Mark Elbaum on sax and Steve Geraci on guitar .Members of the band not seen:Bob Kniffin vcl,gtr.-Mark Gamma dr,vcl -Danny Kaiser bs and Keith Teller -trombone ...more

The Crow (2012-06-23)
Hullabaloo (newburgh n.y) 1966 from left to right:Jamie Mckillop- gt. Steve Geraci -gtr. Gary Williams- vcl- Ed miller dr. and John Taylor -bs The Crow was based out of Walkill N.Y. During that era they played all the time- Hullabaloo,Whats it t ...more

Cracker (2012-06-13)
Valley Central Auditorium, Montgomery NY: L-R James Davis, Steve Carter, Joe Riglioni, Bob Rehrey, Barry Petrillo. ...more

The Hellcats (2012-06-11)
;s to 1991, the Hellcats played their own brand of rock'n'roll - with a style that was uniquely original, even as it called to mind the sounds of the early Stones, the music that influenced the Stones- like Howlin' Wolf and Chuck Berr ...more

Dick Elliot Bertling and Katchup (2012-06-05)
k Elliot Bertling and Katchup band circa 1980 to 1983. Kim DuFresne, drums & vocals; Wayne Waligurski, guitar & vocals; Dick Elliot Bertling, piano, trumpet & vocal; Mark DuFresne, bass & vocal. ...more

Radar Rangers (2012-05-04)
re a new wave cover and original band from 1979-1981. The members were Teague O'Hare Hamilton keys and vocals, songwriter - Richard Crane Drums and vocals - Charlie Dominici Guitar and vocals - V ...more

The Sure Thing (2012-04-26)
with Michael Burkhouse, Mike Mindel, Jeff Carano, Jonathan Moorehead and Michael Pirko,Dom Letterii, and Donny Stroffolino ...more

Forcast (2012-03-07)
Helsley, Rick Ecker, Bob Nuccio, Danny Driscoll and Kevin Jefferys ...more

Black Angel (2012-02-21)
burgh NY 1984-1986
Top row L-R Tylor Donald, Nick Verdichizzi, Cris Donald - Bottom row L-R Dan Oniffry, Dennis Hogan ...more

Big Edsel (2012-02-01)
) The nucleus of this long-running oldies group at the beginning of the 80s were (left to right) Alan Wallace, Billy (Big Edsel) Donald and Artie Ebert. Originally Big Edsel and the Hula Hoops, the band was a crowd pleaser for three decades and then some going through many personnel changes. As Arti ...more

Apricot Brandy (2012-02-01)
) Rich Crane, Tom Nigra, Tom Ayers, Art Ebert and Derek Rabbits were the house band 5 nights a week at Dino's in Middletown. They played Led Zep, Nazz, Bob Seger, Steppenwolf, Rascals, Vanilla Fudge and (of course!) Beatles and Stones. Art Ebert ...more

The VIP'S (2012-01-27)
Billy Grant - Drums, Steve Atwood - Lead Guitar, Joe Fiore - Rhythm Guitar ...more

Shadows Of Reality (2012-01-27)
Bodie, Peter Boyle, Randy Hudler, Steve Atwood and Greg VanDine ...more

Just Enough Guys (2012-01-14)
Carl Pack on drums and Rick Warren on guitar. ...more

NRG (2012-01-14)
Wine Bar, 1989. Carl Pack ,Tom Cahill and Brian Edwards. ...more

Seraph (2011-11-19)
dson Valley Area from 1979-1982 Lesley Bowe...Vocals, John (Fitz)Fitzgerald...Vocals, Fred Di Bernardo...Guitar, John Florie...Guitar, Jim Davis...Keyboards, Robert (Suke Succio...Bass, Eddie Zimnowski...Drums ...more

Buswell (2011-11-13)
nd 1971 with Mike Ryan, vocals, percussion, song writing. Hudson Valley Edition was from around 1975 to 1985 with a few different configurations--Andy Camarata -lead and rythm guitar, vocals and songwriting--Steve Doris guitar and vocals and writing--Thom Mayer bass and vocals--Dave Ryan drums, vocals and writing--Tommy Belmont keyboards and vocals ...more

Rumor Hazit (2011-11-10)
ve and Classic Rock Cover Band, Band Members L to R included Greg Tonsing, Drums; Danny Kurtz, Guitar; Carl LaCascia, Vocals; Jimmy Palmer, Guitar and Vocals; Eric Klotz, Bass ...more

The Majestics (2011-10-28)
1963. steve gallant guitar(left) milt long bass(back) grant perry guitar(right) jim wilkins drums(seated) played valenti's,snyders corners, the excelsior house,snyders lake, starlight inn,brunswick, crooked lake hotel,most rensselaer high schoo ...more

Creative Disposition (2011-10-16)
ke Palladino, Doug Lester and Jim "Jimmy C" Campion. Circa 1967. Played in the Poughkeepsie, Highland area. ...more

Sabre (2011-10-07)
from the 80's/90's. Band Members (Left to Right):
Larry Osborn, Drums......John Viscardo, Lead guitar......Eddie Warren, Keyboards and rhythm guitar......Chuck Magos, Bass guitar......Bob Hutchinson, Lead & Background Vocals

Skywire (2011-10-02)
odstock,Kingston area back in the day (1980-83) Greg Jackson on bass,Victor Ruzzo on drums ,Russ Brinnier and Robert Athis (aka Kane Roberts) on guitars. ...more

Alloy (2011-08-29)
ts Hard rock band from the 80s From Ulster County Brian and Gene now own and operate recording studios In NY and Colorado and still perform. Kenny a ...more

Pressure Point (2011-08-17)
lo, Bob Hutchinson, Leo Berthiaume, Vinnie DeBerto, Mark Gamma ...more

Shades Of Brass (2011-08-13)
orio, George Wolff, Carl Florio, Bob Alger, Dave Gleanar, J.T. Maurice, Chuck Nero, Jerry Solomon ...more

Axis (2011-08-13)
h School Gym.
Bob Alger, Richard Leavitt, Gary Mabb, Pete Von Sholly, Robert Wolff ...more

Steel (2011-08-04)
d Mulvaney, Steve Mulvaney, Paul Gilroy, and Rick Gilroy ...more

New York (0000-00-00)
ughout the HV between the years 1979 and 1982. They were featured on the WP ...more

Ricky White And The Blackouts (2011-06-09)

Black Powder Whiskey (2011-05-15)
, Danny Massarone on bass, Sal Detrochio on keys, ...more

Silver Flyer (2011-05-15)
ick , Bill Frick, Dan ...more

Spider (2011-03-01)
ard,Jim Galliuzi,Russ Aldridge ...more

Northern Star (2010-02-13)
ck),Smitty,Joe Cutrera,Charlie Tacinelli,Ernie Barchie,Tom Moore ...more

Accurate Brats (2011-02-10)
Brats: Andy Davenhall (bass)Mark Dean (drums) George Robertson (guitar) David Robertson (keyboards) ...more

Out Of Control Band (2011-02-11)
and" 80s. Highlight was opening for BB King at the Palace in Albany in '86..Front and center, Rick Sicliano (drums and lead vox). Clockwise: Bill ...more

The Night Kings (2011-02-10)
Late 80's. Clockwise from top left: Pat Conover Vocals and Harmonica; Dave Owens Drums; Juan lopez Bass; Grant Perry Guitar; Mike Tremante Guitar ...more

Tomorrow Morning (2011-02-10)

Douglas Dickens (2011-02-04)

The Del-Tones (2011-02-04)
rry Porreca, John Frentino, Dave Osborn
The "Now" photo taken at June 19 reunion of the popular Hudson Valley Band The Del-Tones. The reunion, a ...more

The Kynds (2011-02-04)
ick Piester, Joe Cirincione ...more

The Bits And Pieces (2011-02-04)
eorge Wonders, Denny Connelly, Jerry Doty, Jerry Porreca ...more

Brass Chalice (2011-02-02)
mer,Joseph Avello,Ronald P. Doe,Ken ???,Jutta Riechenbach ...more

Travelin Shoes (2011-02-02)
cuso, Dale DeMarco, John Mayone, Joseph Avello ...more

Larry Lewis and Solid Smoke (2011-02-02)
d Smoke. From the left: Mike Tremante(guitar & vox) , Larry Lewis (vox), Ken Parmelae (saxes & vox), Tony ?? (trumpet & vox), Wayne ?? (drums), Steve Wargo (bass), Bruce Wynn (keyboards & vox). ...more

Great Speckled Byrd (2011-02-02)
Gary Taylor Ohlson's band, "Great Speckled Byrd", opening for Alice Cooper at a concert in New York. Ohlson also played organ, keyboards and synthesizer in the "Hardstone Farm" and "Micah" ba ...more

Micah (2011-02-02)
rom left to right George Robert Wolff, Gus Hernandez, Bob Rowe, Martin Horne, Gary Taylor Ohlson. Album: "I'm Only One Man". ...more

The Myd-Knights (2011-01-13)
-1967 From left to right. Raz Greco, Sal Greco, Neil Krepple, Al Pace, John Cosensa, and not shown, Chuck Schoonmaker. ...more

Autumn's Child (2011-01-01)
e over two years from 76 to 78. Left to right Steve Bartles, Sherry Detrick , Mike DeQuitis, Dan DeQuitis, Rick Quaresimo, and Russ Planke in the back ...more here for video or photo gallery

Mike & The Mystics (2010-12-21)
ie): Pete Crispell, Mike Cole, Mike Lawry (THE "Mike"), Skip Wills, Mike Coyle ...more

Alice's Restaurant Blues Band (2010-12-19)
lls, Ron Fleming, John Veldhuis, Bob Singleton ...more

The Fairweather Band (2010-12-16)
lvaney, Joe Cutrera, Bob Mulvaney, Lou Bassett, Ken Mulvaney, Russ Planke, Charlie Tompkins ...more

Slippery Jake (2010-12-16)
Shuey, Russ Planke, Robert "Bearcat" Hoffman ...more

Bronco Boys (2010-12-16)
ding, Russ Planke, Mark Adams, Pam Gallo, Pat MacNamara, Gary Guido ...more

Warlock (2010-12-12)
uFresne, Jimmy Eppard, Chris Leide, Mark DuFresne ...more

Poker (2010-12-11)
ich,skip,duffacy,dick culver,ben ribble ...more

Fat City (2010-12-11)
Pat Cafone,Dave Ryan,Victor Ruzzo,John Nicholas,Rusty Brinnier ...more

Moose (2010-12-10)
rd,Claude Lehenaff,Sal D'Onofrio,Al Friedman ...more

Silk & Sounds (2010-12-09)
(trumpet), Mike Antonelli (sax), Johnny Reeves (drums), Maria Hickey (vocals), John Tuturro (famous actor...not in the band...just posed for the pic), ...more

Armodillo and The Country Boys (2010-12-07)
Whittaker,Mike Carl,and Bill Demarest. Not pictured Kevin Russel, Keith Whittaker and Jeff Williams. ...more

Fawn (2010-12-05)
Fletcher, Steve Poole, Steve Miller and Steve Wanzer ...more

Ambush (2010-12-05)
Fletcher, LJ, Guy Nobile, Larry Bracone and Robbie "T" ...more

Voyager (2010-12-05)
ormed) Joe Criffo, LJ, Mike Fletcher, Robbie "T" and Randy Sarna ...more

Gunner (2010-12-05)
isi, Jeff Schectar, Rob Afusso (who went on to play with Skid Row),Charlie Dominici ...more

Gun Hill Road (2010-12-04)
mi Crifo, Jamie Gilroy ...more

SATO (2010-12-04)
...more here for video or photo gallery

Thick As Thieves (2010-12-04) ex “Dream Theater” vocalist on far right with mustache-guitar and vocals. Ronnie La Pierre-Drums next to Charlie. Far left... ...more

Easy Street (2010-12-04)
hose nights dancing at Easy Street to the sounds of Easy Street. In this photo Ben Ribble, Reggie Ward, Claude LeHenaff, John (Skinny) Regan ...more


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