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Production (2012-12-30)
Production played in and around Hudson Valley and Albany. They played most notably at the club "Generation" located in Pleasant Valley.

Picture 1 - l-r Jeff Mitchell (trumpet, percussion, vocals) Scott Castle (sax), Rich DeCola, (trumpet and percussion) Steve Colmenaro,(bass) Steve Petro ...more

The Womblers (2012-10-31)
Picture 1 - L to R Jim Herbst, David Skoglund, Dale Lewis, Dick Bush, Billy Plass
Picture 2 - (in front of cocktails sign)L to R Dick Bush, Jim Herbst, Dale Lewis, Billy Plass, David Skoglund, Richie Woods
Picture 3 - L to R - Dav ...more

Hombre (2012-08-25)
Hombre - L to R - Kevin Dwyer, Jeff Loeber, Steve DiGiovanni, Ted VanWagner. This photo taken at what used to be the Holy Cross School in Rhinecliff. ...more

The Termites (2012-07-03)
The Termites - Bruce Morrison , Claude and Pierre Le Henaff ...more

The Bonnevilles (2012-06-29)
The Bonnivlles -circa 1965 (from left to right) Mark Defabio,Bobby Diorio and Steve Geraci. A three peice rock & roll band that was formed in Marlboro Elementary School. They actually played live quite often: VFW halls, School dances,and the Orange ...more

River Road

Jesse Kelsa, Craig Romano, Jeff Schectar, Roy Murray, Jeff Loeber, Joe Scalfari


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Leo and The Lizards

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